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Tuesday, December 4, 2018  KFN Enterprises LP (KFNE) announced today that its Utility Boxes Wrap project at the Riverview Lands is complete. Each of the 11 utility boxes which are part of a new 25-kilometer electrical distribution system is wrapped in a unique Coast Salish design. The project was a partnership between KFNE and BC Housing which manages the Riverview Lands.

KFNE Chief Officer, Special Projects, Andrea Aleck says “BC Housing in collaboration with Kwikwetlem First Nation (KFN) will work in partnership to include where possible, examples of Coast Salish art within the Riverview Lands, also known as səmiq̓ʷəʔelə (Place of the Great Blue Heron). KFNE has several other projects underway which will also include examples of Coast Salish art. The Utility Boxes Wrap project is also unique as it involved two KFN Youth who helped us chose the final designs. Fred Hulbert Jr. and Austin Joe were part of a Youth Summer Work program and considered a number of designs before making the final choices. We believe that it is important for KFN Youth to understand that the projects KFNE is managing and the art being displayed, provides a sense of connectivity to the ancestral territory and cultural pride to share the art with the surrounding community.”


KFN Chief Ron Giesbrecht states “We’re very proud that some of our projects at the Riverview Lands will include Coast Salish art. We feel strongly that it is important for visitors to the to understand that our ancestors once lived on those lands and how important the site is in our history. Having art included where appropriate is part of the reconciliation process that will lead to improved relationships between our nation and the communities in the Tri-Cities Region. The fact that two of our youth helped make this project possible is an added bonus for our company and our community.”

Aleck says several of the other projects currently underway at the Riverview Lands will include Coast Salish art and a sense of KFN history in the Tri-Cities region.